Our Museum Quilt

Our Museum Quilt

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

September Newsletter

I will not be at the next meeting. Karen will be in charge and we need two members to join Mani on the nominating committee. Also, be thinking about what name you like for our museum quilt. The choices are listed in the previous post. I ran into BJ Worsley at Hobby Lobby today and we talked about her program in September. She will have Karen pass out the kits at the next meeting so you all can cut the wool pieces so we will be ready to sew at her program. She will have her trunk show for us to enjoy. Reminder of some dates---November 9th will be the group sampler challenge exchange. January 31, 2011 will be the museum quilt show at the GA state capital. Someone needs to hang the quilt between 7 and 8 am and then someone needs to be with the quilt all day. Thank you Judy for putting together the newsletter.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recap of the names for our museum quilt.

Razzle, Dazzle Pineapple

Pina Colada


Pineapple Pot Pourri

Patchwork Pineapple

Pineapple Upside-down Quilt

Macon Pina Colada

Vote for your favorite name.
oh, and the Pina Colada song is by Rupert Holmes.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

August newsletter

So many in our group were traveling last month that we decided to put off the vote to this month. The issue is about term limits. Our bylaws state a member is not to serve more than two years in the same position. We need to decide if we should change the bylaws and remove this restriction. At the August business meeting, I will give anyone a chance to voice their thoughts on the pros and cons. Then we will vote by ballet. I can see pros and cons to both sides. It is good more members to get involved and share responsibilities but there are many "jobs" for us all to fill. And we have had difficulty getting participation by members when we ask for program presentation and leadership at nominating time. If we remove the restriction, we can still vote on who fills the board positions no matter how long they have been in office. I think this is important for all members to have a voice in this so think about it and try your best to make it to the meeting to vote.

Some have asked when the medallians are due. There is no date because some have already finished and everyones was so different. We all have different centers and different borders--that is what makes this your own design. Just bring it for show and tell anytime and at any point in the designing process.

Well, the pineapple museum quilt top is pretty much put together--all 90 blocks. The blocks were laid out to make sure the same fabrics weren't side by side. That was pretty easy since we started with such a variety of scraps. Then nine rows of ten blocks were assembled. That went pretty fast then the picking out the paper took the most time and produced piles of tiny bits of paper. Rows going together to make the completed top.
Now this baby will go off to the quilter with our special backing. When it gets back--binding and a sleeve.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Group Sampler Challenge

Here is a list of participants and their blocks:

1. Jane-Card Trick
2. Pat-Friendship Star
3. Judy- Scrappy Star
4. Diana- Martha Washington Star
5. Sherri- 9" house
6. Kathy- 9" lighthouse
7. Karen- Coffee filter Fan
8. Sue- Double Cross
9. Deborah- Delectable Mountains
10. Monica- Churn Dash
11. Gail- Maple Leaf
12. Betty- 9-patch
13. Elsie- Jacob's Ladder
14. Victoria- Kimono
15. Mani-Pinwheel
16. Wanda-
17. Joyce- Joyce's mystery block

Friday, June 25, 2010

What are we here for?

I know--it is way too hot to get philosophical so this will be simple minded and let me ramble a bit. In the past, let's say 100 years ago and even now in non-industrialised communities, guilds and bees existed to divide up work to get things done quickly. Companionship was a lovely side benefit to this sharing of work. The modern guild and/or bee exists to share "work" in the artistic sense. We join bees for community of like interests and to have fun making things we might not otherwise have made. We are exposed to ideas and projects that get our creative minds moving in new directions. As quilters, we are drawn to other quilters and love to see their projects and even though we have our own ideas of beauty or function, we can appreciate each others talents. Rossie said quilters and quilts both bring bits together to make a whole that gives us comfort and joy. I am hoping that our guild offers all that to everyone who comes to our meeting. And really, don't we all just want to quilt and look at quilts?

Monday, April 26, 2010

trip to Paducah

Last week, about 12 from the Lake Oconee Quilt Guild went to Land Between the Lakes for a retreat prior to the Paducah Quilt Show. We stayed at a lodge about 25 miles from Paducah and it was an easy drive to the show on Wednesday and Thursday. We snuck in a trip on Tuesday to see Eleanor Burns and shop in her tent of 5 dollar/yard fabric. The first 3 days we had Margie Engle lead the workshops on different fusible applique techniques. The 12 of us were joined by quilters from Louisiana, North Dakota, and Tennessee. So much fun!! I'll work on finishing some of the projects and maybe do a demonstration.
The project I have been working on for our meeting is the next row on the medallians. I know this takes more time than just doing a block a month but we needed something different.

I added a ribbon to the big triangle that I already had bought for something else but never used and it is the perfect color and size. Don't you love it when that happens.

I did a ribbon border around my small medallian.